The knowledge of the replica rolex datejust

14Today, we are going to learn the knowledge of the Rolex watch. Under the impact of the time when the watch is placed on the accuracy of the machine watch,as well as the influence of the low to the mechanical watch.

Rolex replica watches swing of mechanical watches precision traveltime effect, balance wheel hairspring mechanical watch travel time accuracy of amplitude changes along the pendulum and change. Ordinary watches as a result of increased calendar, dual calendar body caused by power consumption, resulting in a swing, which will naturally affect the accuracy of the time when the watch. The smaller the swing is, the smaller the impact of the travel time accuracy. To this end, the swing is a key indicator of the calendar, the double calendar.

In the course of the work, the swing of the pendulum is constantly changing, and the second section of the calculation is the biggest swing drop. Therefore, the impact of light on the accuracy of the watch is related to two issues, swing in the calendar, the work process of the dual calendar mechanism, and the other is the impact of the total time. Some calendar, dual calendar body has a larger swing, but the impact time is not long, which may have little impact on the day of the watch, although some of the watch is not too large, but due to the impact of time is very long, it will cause a big difference. These two cases are in the actual calendar, the double calendar is some. Because of the impact of the time accuracy of the swing, the pendulum is the accumulated value of the difference in the period of time.

It is very difficult to analyze the impact of the amplitude of the pendulum on the daily difference. In general, the average daily difference measured by a school meter, a universal tester or a universal tester. But with the continuous improvement of the performance such as gossamer swing, the difference is in the shrinking. Too big swing is not allowed. So, when the quality of the calendar, the double calendar organization, usually to swing as one of its important indicators.This is the knowledge of the replica rolex datejust watches.