Rolex red water ghost 1680

18Different with black, green, blue water ghost watches. Both of the watch bezel and dial of red water ghost are not red, just the word of “submariner”which engraved in the black dial plate is red. The model is 1680, 1680 watch launched in 1968 by Rolex and this is the first the Submariner which equipped with date display. And span a longer period of time then this watch was replaced by 16800 and the movement transited from Cal.1570 to Cal.3035.

This kind of watch has a very interesting phenomenon: The waterproof data of general rolex submariner replica watch is ft first, such as 660ft=200m, but some red water ghost is 200m=660ft, then people called this “Meter First” type.


First, Comex is a company, and then is also a unique submariner series of Rolex watches. Comex founded in the early ’60s which is a great seabed operation company, at that time, Andre Heiniger who is the CEO of Rolex very interested in deep sea diving so decided cooperated with Comex company, the forms of cooperation is rolex can provide fake rolex submariner watches for Comex campany freely. And the diver of comex just need provide some profiling data to Rolex Company. So every Comex watches have been in the sea.